Sen. Tim Scott’s travails show that BLM is now the White Leftist Movement

Because Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) believes black lives matter, he wrote the JUSTICE Act, aimed at police reform. Nancy Pelosi responded by accusing him and other Republicans of murdering George Floyd. Pelosi’s crude attack reveals that white leftists believe they have enough momentum to abandon the pretense that this is a racial revolution and not a Marxist revolution.

While Democrats are demanding the end of policing, something that blacks strongly oppose, Sen. Scott’s JUSTICE Act is a serious effort to fix some of the obvious flaws in our criminal justice system. Reading the proposed bill, one can see that Scott paid close attention to real problems bedeviling America’s police and is trying, subject to federal limitations, to address them. These are just some of the bill’s proposals:

  • Building a nationwide database of use of force and weapons discharge situations to help develop better policing methods.
  • Building a database about No Knock raids to determine whether they’re good or evil.
  • Incentivizing bans on chokeholds.
  • Increasing penalties for falsified reports.
  • Making body cameras more affordable and widely used.
  • Improving officer record retention, making it easier to track and reject bad officers.
  • Training police in de-escalation and mental health intervention.

Democrats don’t want the bill to go forward. It was bad enough when President Trump’s Criminal Justice Reform bill passed, offsetting Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Act. That Act erased men from too many black communities. To have Trump then oversee a police reform bill would be Democrat suicide.

Democrats could have said “no” to Scott’s bill. Or they could have said that it was inadequate. Pelosi, though, clearly believes she has the wind at her back. A little more pandering, she thinks, and Democrats will own America’s federal system. So Pelosi blasted America's only black senator, who happens to be a Republican (emphasis added):

On Tuesday, Pelosi criticized Scott’s police reform bill, the JUSTICE Act, in an interview with CBS Radio, calling it ”unsalvageable” and saying it won’t make “any difference.”

“For something to happen, they’re going to have to face the realities of police brutalities, the realities of the need for justice in policing, and the recognition that there’s many good people in law enforcement, but not all,” Pelosi said of Republicans. ”And that we have to address those concerns. So, when they admit that, and have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration -- but so far they were trying to get away with murder, actually -- the murder of George Floyd.”

Pelosi forgot that Floyd died in a Democrat city that had its last Republican mayor in 1961 (not counting a Republican who served for one day in 1973), as well as in a Democrat state that had its last Republican governor in 2011. Floyd’s blood is on Democrats hands.

Scott was outraged:

“I thought to myself, ‘How in the world does this woman, standing in front of a $24,000 refrigerator, have the sense to jump into the bottomless pit of race politics? Why in the world would she want to do that?’

“There’s only one answer, by the way, one answer,” Scott continued. ”It’s because she’s lived so long in a state of privilege that she has forgotten that it’s the Republican Party that voted more for the Civil Rights-era legislation than the Democrats.

“It’s because she’s forgotten that it was President Trump and the criminal justice reform done in 2018 that made up for the Democrats’ 1994 crime bill. She’s forgotten that it’s the school choice movement that frees more kids in poverty from the poor education system brought to us by the Democrats and the teachers’ unions then they’ve ever seen,” Scott went on.

“She has forgotten so much about reality that she spends too much time in an alternate universe. But the facts are simple,” Scott added. “Why in the world would she stoop so low? And it’s simply this: They believe -- and I truly believe this -- they believe that campaigning on police brutality is more important than solving police reform.”

Hear! Hear!

I would add one more thing, which is that Pelosi’s boorish dismissiveness of Scott’s proposed bill reveals both (1) that white leftists don’t care about blacks and (2) that, going forward, they believe their momentum is strong enough to get blacks out of the driver’s seat (and into the back of the bus?) and let whites (like Pelosi) take charge.

Two American Thinker posts (here and here) show how whites have taken over the Black Lives Matter movement. A startling statistic is that only one in six protesters is black. On Friday, an article from Marin and two videos vividly illustrated the white takeover.

In uber-leftist Mill Valley, California, a local newspaper's photos from a Black Lives Matter march reveal almost no blacks.

Then theres this video shows that leftists -- white leftists -- have resumed their irritating habit of invading restaurants:

Finally, this disturbing video shows mostly white activists violently assailing conservative Jack Posobiec as a "Nazi":

Black Lives Matter has turned into White Leftists Matter. These white leftists are close to their goal and nothing’s going to stop them, including a black Republican who genuinely cares about black lives.

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