If Biden threw himself on the floor, he’d miss!

Joe Biden’s sheltering-in-place has not gone well.  His virtual town halls and interviews from his basement in Delaware have been a catalog of his mental decline.  As with many people suffering from advancing dementia, their normal filter, that instinctive judgment that governs us all in a civil society, is slowly erased and their true character is revealed.  With Slow Joe, this process, the unveiling of his disagreeable side, is not a pretty picture.  This is not a man suited to leading anything, let alone a country and certainly not the U.S.  Biden’s cruel side has always been evident for those paying attention.  His mistreatment, his obvious racism, was on display throughout the Clarence Thomas hearings  meant to derail the nomination of a black conservative to the Supreme Court. Biden was vile.  He enjoyed humiliating Justice Thomas.  Biden, it was clear then, is not fit to shine Clarence Thomas’ shoes.

Biden is not an intelligent man; never was.  He is not a decent man; never was.  For decades he lied about the traffic accident in which his wife and infant daughter died.  He repeatedly said she had been hit by a drunk driver.  That was a lie.  Mrs. Biden turned in front of a truck driver who was not remotely intoxicated.  The accident was her fatal error.  And as most people should know, he has lied over and over again about all things Joe.  He was not at the top of his class in law school.  He was not a scholarship student.  He is a plagiarist several times over. Like the criminally amoral Ted Kennedy, Joe does not learn from his public mistakes.  His decades of corruption are a D.C. legend.  And this is who the DNC has put up to slay the dragon Trump!  

There has never before in U.S. history been a situation like the one we face at this moment in time.  A situation in which an obviously corrupt and mentally deficient man runs for high office with his party’s backing against an outlier black swan duly elected and successful leader.  The mystery is that the left thinks this inferior candidate has a chance of defeating Trump.  We are treading new water here.  Slow Joe will most certainly be the drowning man.  He is so out of it, he can’t differentiate between D-Day and the attack on Pearl Harbor.   He can’t recite the most memorable lines of the Declaration of Independence.  He has confused Nancy Pelosi with Mitch McConnell!  And when it comes to race, he is a regular train wreck.  When running with President Obama against Mitt Romney, he threatened black Americans with the specter of slavery:  “He’s going to put y’all back in chains.”  Now, being interviewed by black radio host Charlamagne tha God, he again bullied: “If you don’t know who to support between me and Trump then you ain’t black.”  Nice bit of condescension there; he dumbs down his grammar when speaking to blacks.  Why a single African-American would support this man is a mystery. 

How to explain the Democrat party’s continued support of this shell of a man as their candidate for president?  There is only one answer; they think we are all, or at least all Democrats, are really, really stupid.  We have long known they assume Trump supporters are idiots but for even longer they have taken for granted the notion that democrat voters are numbskulls, unable to process the most basic of life’s challenges.  Biden’s inner racism can’t be made much clearer.  He used poor grammar in his ‘…you ain’t black” comment because that is what he thinks of black Americans, that they are somehow inferior.  Biden has a long record of similarly racist comments.  He has contempt for all racial minorities, not just blacks.  The left winces when he makes his disparaging remarks but assumes no one will hold him responsible because they so ardently believe we are all, white and  black, too dumb to notice.  Remember that the Democrat party is the party of slavery, the party who violently resisted racial equality, the party of segregation, the party that institutionalized the Jim Crow laws in the South.

When Trump banned flights from China on Jan. 31, Biden called him xenophobic.  Now he says he told him to shut down the flights before then.  That is a lie.  Now Biden  claims Trump is responsible for 60k deaths because he did not shut down the country earlier; Biden was holding rallies through March 10.  Like Bill de Blasio and Nancy Pelosi, Biden was downplaying the threat of COVID-10 until he  wasn’t.  These are not honorable people.  In the meantime, Trump was on top of the crisis from day one.  The claim that Trump was late in addressing the virus is one of the biggest lies the mainstream media has peddled. 

This week the nation has been ravaged by tragically destructive riots.  The excuse for the wanton laying waste of cities in nearly every state is the shocking cold-blooded murder of a black man by a cop in Minneapolis.  But the rioters quickly forgot all about George Floyd and became entranced by the opportunity to riot, loot and destroy the property of others.  Biden blaims the police and of course Trump for the well-planned, Soros-funded riots all over the country!  Not one Democrat currently in Congress has condemned the horrific destruction caused by the not-peaceful protesters and their Antifa bosses.  Not one.  They are cheering them on, delighting in the demolition of entire communities and countless private businesses which means the devastation of private lives.  The Democrats do not care any more than the rioters care.  As Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have noted, this is the first top down revolution in the U.S.  Elites are supporting and encouraging the devastation of working-class communities.  Antifa is inciting urban youths to riot, to vandalize and even kill because they think this is how Trump will be defeated.  To the hate group that is the Democrat party, the sacrifice of working class neighborhoods all over the country is worth the wreckage if it can defeat Trump.  The working poor, no matter what their ethnicity, are mere fodder to the left. This is now clearer than ever.

The depth of the left’ descent into villainy was on display Monday night.  Their hysteria over Trump’s walk to the damaged St. John’s Episcopal Church, the president's church, that sits across the park from the White House, was off the charts; they melted.  The church was built in 1815; President Lincoln attended services there.  So ignorant, so contemptuous of all things American, it too was set on fire Sunday night.  Trump wanted to show his respect for the church and so walked there after delivering his remarks at the White House.  He had a Bible in his hand.  Boy, did that trigger the left; they went ballistic.  How dare he, they spewed.  They shrieked about the First Amendment which apparently none of them have actually read.  It says “Freedom of religion,” not freedom from religion.  Biden was especially outraged, or whoever wrote his speech was outraged.  He condemned Trump’s going to the church as a photo-op and failed to mention that vandals had set it on fire.  It does not get more disingenuous than that.  That is who Biden is, a cipher, a jerk, a prevaricator, a racist, a cheat, a thug, a man who puts his hands all over women and girls who, if seen on video, are clearly disgusted.  He’s corrupt; he did insist the president of Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the gas company that was making his son a wealthy man.  Now he is obviously failing mentally; he can barely follow what is on his teleprompter and yet the Democrats think he can beat the president in November.  Most of his pronouncements make no sense at all.  He is a man so clueless and confused that if he threw himself on the floor, he would miss. 

What does all this tell us about the left, their fervent embrace of COVID-19 and all of its incumbent restrictions and their equally zealous support of the rioters wreaking havoc across the nation without a thought to social distancing?  They have proven that their political agenda is far more important than health of the American people or the American economy; the economic shutdown and fear-mongering of the media was all meant to ruin the Trump economic success, the full-employment miracle.  Because fear of the virus was waning, the horrific death of a black man at the hands of a Minneapolis cop has been hijacked for their political purposes.  Antifa and the rioters they encourage and manipulate couldn't care less about George Floyd’s death.  Every vote for any Democrat is a vote for an authoritarian form of socialism which will be the end of America, the end of the freedom, liberty and the American dream of economic mobility.  It is hard to reconcile the possibility that a stumble like Biden stands between Trump and the freedom-loving American people. 

Image credit: Screen shot from a cell phone camera aimed at a live broadcast by Monica Showalter


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