If Biden threw himself on the floor, he’d miss!

Joe Biden’s sheltering-in-place has not gone well.  His virtual town halls and interviews from his basement in Delaware have been a catalog of his mental decline.  As with many people suffering from advancing dementia, their normal filter, that instinctive judgment that governs us all in a civil society, is slowly erased and their true character is revealed.  With Slow Joe, this process, the unveiling of his disagreeable side, is not a pretty picture.  This is not a man suited to leading anything, let alone a country and certainly not the U.S.  Biden’s cruel side has always been evident for those paying attention.  His mistreatment, his obvious racism, was on display throughout the Clarence Thomas hearings  meant to derail the nomination of a black conservative to the Supreme Court. Biden was vile.  He enjoyed humiliating Justice Thomas.  Biden, it was clear then, is not fit...(Read Full Post)
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