Bumfight: As New York burns, Cuomo blasts de Blasio, de Blasio blasts Cuomo

In an unprecedented blue-on-blue round of finger-pointing, New York's Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has blasted New York City's far-left mayor, Bill de Blasio for allowing criminals under the guise of 'protest' to take over New York City and smash, burn, and loot the place into rubble.

According to Breitbart News:

In his daily press briefing, Cuomo issued stinging criticism of De Blasio and the New York Police Department, saying Monday evening’s failed attempt to quell violence unrest was “inexcusable.”

“The NYPD and New York City mayor did not do their job last night,” Cuomo said. “I think the mayor underestimates the scope of the problem and the duration of the problem. What happened in NYC was inexcusable.”

The governor explained that he offered cities around the state, including the Big Apple, help from the National Guard to stop looting, but De Blasio rejected the offer.

“My option is to displace the mayor of New York City and bring in the National Guard as the governor in an emergency and basically you would have to take over the mayor’s job,” Cuomo then explained. “I don’t think we’re at the point,” he said, before adding the move would yield a “chaotic situation” that “wouldn’t make any sense.”

The New York City Police Department arrested more than 700 protesters overnight. Looters damaged the flagship Macy’s department store in midtown Manhattan, emptied a Nike store and broke storefront windows near Rockefeller Center.

Here's Cuomo speaking:



That's a bumfight.

Because right as Cuomo is about de Blasio's complete incompetence, his motives were just politics, there was no serious muscle in his statement. He made an unprecedented declaration that he has the power to remove de Blasio for his incompetence. But instead of taking that action, which needed to be done yesterday given the facts on the ground and the worse set to come, he followed with a retreat, making the whole thing a kabuki tease to please the peanut galleries outside New York.

De Blasio's politically canny enough to see a political threat, though, and blasted back at Cuomo, calling on him to make an apology to the police, who have to some extent been on the job, albeit with no backup thanks to him of the National Guard. According to Fox News:

Mayor Bill de Blasio called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to apologize to the NYPD, as the feud between the two Democrat politicians showed no sign of abating despite New York City being ripped apart by rioting.

It's bad because New York City is in bad shape. The city has been burning for 8 days running now, the iconic Macys department store on Herald Square has been raided and looted as cops could only arrest a few, and now bona fide gangs have taken over in the power void, literally shooting each other over looting privileges in Soho, and probably well beyond.

It's not just the marquee places in New York that look like warzones either. Here a tweet showing how Caracas-like it looks in what was once a nice part of the Bronx:



De Blasio has literally lost control, and clearly has no idea what he is doing. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has pointed out that he's "interfering" in the force of law rather than just standing by and pretending nothing is happening. He was last seen praising his bizarre-looking daughter for getting arrested with a group of people who were throwing projectiles at the police, providing that special cover for thugs of being 'protestors.' His heart is with the criminals. His incompetence is so vivid the "protestors" are now marching on his residence, confident they've got a weaking cornered.

A city going down in an orgy of looting and this pair of blue leftists are just taking swings at each each other, flinging poo.

Both have plenty of blame to their names - not just de Blasio -- but Cuomo too. Instead of taking serious action to get a flaming incompetent out of there as America's largest city continues to burn, Cuomo just wants to talk about getting rid of him --  "nice mayor's office you got there, Bill, be a shame if anything happened to it," except with no muscle to back it up. "We're not there yet," he said, regarding the question of removing de Blasio, raising questions as to when 'there yet' will be - Night 11? When the thugs topple the Empire State building? Could be anything, but most likely, it's nothing. Just Cuomo grandstanding to take just enough heat off himself and deposit it onto de Blasio.

Given the state New York City is in, and the growing outrages that keep coming, this is ominous. Both of them ought to be out of there - maybe it's time for the feds to intervene. Bumfights should always be shut down.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot