How to silence your Democrat friends and relatives

Most of us have at least one pushy Democrat friend or relative who won't stop trying to "educate" us with his political opinions.  I have a friend of over 40 years married to a very leftist Berkeley Ph.D. in California.  I'm a Californian, too, but we live at a distance from each other, so we have long phone chats.  Invariably, as on our last conversation, she manages to say something political like how magnificent Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in his handling of the virus.  I took the bait and started to say how many people died in N.Y. nursing homes.  Immediately, she shouted, "Well, Trump...!"  I told her I was ending our call, and while she was still angrily shouting, I said goodbye and hung up. I don't want to lose our friendship, but I will not tolerate any more of her pushy politics, and I'm disgusted with myself for taking the bait.  However, I think I may have the...(Read Full Post)
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