'Gone With The Wind' fans don't give a damn

Flashy showman P. T. Barnum's supposed reply to an alleged negative press article: "I  don't care what newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right," is a basic principle in public relations.  And once again he is proven correct.     On Tuesday HBO MAX announced it would no longer offer the 2020 politically incorrect 1939 multi-Oscar-winning classic set during the Civil War, "Gone With The Wind." The next day, according to Deadline (and you knew it would happen):    ‘Gone With the Wind’ Shoots To No. 1 On Amazon’s Bestseller List, Sells Out After Being Pulled By HBO Max   The 1939 classic shot to the top of Amazon’s movies and TV bestseller list overnight and on Wednesday occupied the number 1 slot, the number 8 slot and the number 9 slot. It did so in different iterations: DVD, Blu-ray and the...(Read Full Post)
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