No bailout for riot-enablers

Since the Black Lives Matter uprising began, many conservatives have been disappointed with the response from media figures and Republican politicians.  The woke narrative that the U.S. exists because of and for the propagation of white supremacy is never vocally challenged by any politician.

Can you imagine any Republican congressman or Fox News host (Tucker Carlson excepted) using FBI, Justice Department, or Washington Post statistics to make the case that killings of unarmed black people are extremely rare, about as rare as being struck by lightning?  Would any argue that a cop is more likely to be killed by a black person than an unarmed black is to be killed by the police?  How about a frank conversation about crime that includes pointing out the reality that 85–90% of interracial crime is black on white?  It's fair to say that sheep don't speak, even the sheep that wear patriotic lapel pins.  To their credit, a few have mildly ridiculed the idea of defunding the police, but this is more an opportunistic grab at the lowest of low-hanging fruit than it is a reason-driven confronting of a dangerously false narrative.

Except for Tucker Carlson and the amazingly brave author Heather Mac Donald, the public battle for ideas has been forfeited by mainstream conservative media figures and public intellectuals.  It seems many would rather remain silent than risk being slandered with the R-word by adherents of the new anti-racism catechism.

There is one small passive act of resistance that Republican politicians might still do and conservative media figures may find the gumption to defend: no bailouts for the damaged woke cities that enabled the riots.  The taxpayers in the saner parts of the county should not be forced to pay to rebuild those cities that were governed by those who literally knelt before the mob.  Put progressive cities on notice that there is a price for their municipal virtue-signaling, and that they alone must pay that price.