Fox yanks programming for bigot Louis Farrakhan

What was Fox thinking?  As Thomas Lifson noted here yesterday, Fox Broadcasting Company offered to broadcast notorious bigoted, racist, and anti-Jewish Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's July 4 speech on its new streaming channel, Fox Soul.  As the name implies, this new entity is dedicated to the African-American viewer.  The programs aim to celebrate black culture and deal with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community through frank and insightful dialogue with local and national influencers.

So some wise pooh-bah at Fox Corporation, whose Fox News is known for presenting a welcome alternative to the one-sided liberal/left interpretation of the news, thought the arrogant, bigoted, racist, anti-homosexual, and anti-Jewish Farrakhan "celebrates black culture"?  And on Independence Day!  Apparently, after some protest, some wiser heads prevailed, and instead, according to Fox Soul, the "frank and insightful dialogue" on the holiday, for which blacks understandably might have a more mixed reaction, will stream a "series of speeches" by "black leaders."    

However,  the stinky aroma from this ugly stunt remains.  And stunt it was.  Fox was willing to score a cheap public relations coup, intended or not (I think it was deliberate), by the publicity surrounding its choice to select and then to flaunt his replacement.  Farrakhan becomes a holy martyr, canceled by the powerfully evil Jooos.  And yes, sadly, only a few Jewish individuals and groups thought giving Farrakhan a platform to vomit his hate was wrong; most people were fine with it.  As Benjamin Kerstein of the Jewish news site The Algemeiner reports:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center had called for the broadcast to be scrapped, recalling, "Since the 1980s, Louis Farrakhan has denigrated the Jewish people, Judaism, and the Jewish State, members of the LGBT community, the United States of America, and entertainment leaders from Hollywood."

It called Farrakhan "a demagogue and divider at a time when all Americans need to hear messages of unity and hope."

Unexpectedly, CNN's Jake Tapper also chimed in, tweeting, "Farrakhan is a vile anti-LGBTQ anti-Semitic misogynist.  Why is a Fox channel airing his propaganda?"  (I don't know, Jake — why does CNN air Don Lemon's worshipful interviews with Farrakhan?  Probably for the same reason.)  

My respect for Fox has plummeted, as has my respect for those who did not object to Farrakhan's appearance.  It is time for stronger action, perhaps time to take to the streets to protest this acceptance of bigotry.  Care to join me?

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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