Fact vs. opinion — where does it lead?

Decades ago, there began the phenomenon known as McCarthyism, named after Senator Joe McCarthy.  In short, McCarthy named people in the government or military who had communist sympathies or carried through deeds that aided the communist movement in America.  To many Americans, his accusations seemed to be a fantasy, thus identifying supposed communists became known as McCarthyism. After his time, McCarthyism became a general accusation often but not exclusively used by the political left against those exposing others' ideas or acts that undermined the republic or the rule of law.  As with Dracula, daylight does a leftist no favor, so all on the left needed to push back against any and all threats of exposure.  Occasionally, chatty leftists expose their ideas or acts by going off script to gloat, but then they attempt to backtrack.  For the former we are grateful, for the latter entertained. What we are experiencing now is a...(Read Full Post)
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