Everything with the left is political

First the Wuhan Virus pandemic, now an epidemic of looting and violence.  You think this mayhem is spontaneous?  Not on your life. Everything with the left is a political calculation.  They see this tragedy, and I am convinced that in the hearts and minds of leftist elitists is the question of how this violence will hurt President Trump.  This, instead of preparing for the lawlessness perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) that has used the peaceful and justified protests as a cover. However, an amazing dichotomy has been evident by the mayors of these liberal cities, and that is their incompetence in clamping down on rampant criminality.  The Wuhan Virus pandemic revealed their authoritarian tendencies toward law-abiding citizens while these riots have revealed their leniency toward law-breaking thugs, emptying jails.  Local law enforcement in these liberal jurisdictions have also come up short in...(Read Full Post)
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