Everything with the left is political

First the Wuhan Virus pandemic, now an epidemic of looting and violence.  You think this mayhem is spontaneous?  Not on your life.

Everything with the left is a political calculation.  They see this tragedy, and I am convinced that in the hearts and minds of leftist elitists is the question of how this violence will hurt President Trump.  This, instead of preparing for the lawlessness perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) that has used the peaceful and justified protests as a cover.

However, an amazing dichotomy has been evident by the mayors of these liberal cities, and that is their incompetence in clamping down on rampant criminality.  The Wuhan Virus pandemic revealed their authoritarian tendencies toward law-abiding citizens while these riots have revealed their leniency toward law-breaking thugs, emptying jails.  Local law enforcement in these liberal jurisdictions have also come up short in the past three months.  We've seen cops just following orders when citing people for violating pandemic lockdown orders and now we see cops retreating from marauding thugs because of following orders. 

What good does it do to have a police force when liberal mayors order them not to engage criminal wanton destruction of property (including police property) and violence toward innocent citizens (and police)?  Sad to say, this has been nauseating to watch.  Thank God we have the Second Amendment, because during incidents like this, you are not likely to get police help for minutes or hours if you need to defend your home from looters or worse.

Now back to my original point.  Everything is political with the left.  The question is not whether an organized force is behind the violence, but who?  Nothing just springs up organically when it comes to the left.  There are no coincidences.  What we are witnessing is a massive psychological operation (psy-ops) to demoralize Americans into voting Democrat this November.  Psy-ops are tactics used primarily by the military to dishearten the enemy without firing a shot.  These operations can also be used by non-military entities.

One primary goal of psy-ops is to get the intended target to think and act in a certain way.  Americans have been bombarded psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally in the past three months — all in an effort to get them to react and vote as leftists wish.

For the left, these riots serve the purpose of reminding an already frazzled citizenry that America is still a racist country where police brutality is commonplace and that opening up led to the murder of George Floyd by Officer Derek Chauvin.  This is being implied.  This anarchy not only serves to demoralize Americans, but also serves as a deflection.

Consider the timing of this nationwide looting spree.  More information has been coming out showing that the response to the Wuhan Virus by experts was most likely the wrong response.  Even Dr. Fauci was walking back some of his previous stances before this latest nightmare broke out.  The spotlight was also on the incompetence of blue-state governors, and it was becoming evident to more and more people.  Also, do not forget the bombshells that had been released recently in the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn case, that have implicated Obama administration officials and even former president Barack Obama.  And finally, consider that America is back in space with the successful launch of the NASA/Space X Crew Dragon Falcon 9 rocket this past weekend.  However, this latest spree of race-related violence has taken the pride and patriotism of this space mission off the front pages.  Imagine what it would have been like if Americans, still reeling from the lockdowns, had been able to experience the magnitude of that joint space achievement instead of the images of pillaging hordes.

The left may have had nothing to do with the Minneapolis Police custody death of George Floyd, but its fingerprints are all over the aftermath.  And guess what: it is only June.  One can only imagine what is next as we draw closer to the presidential election.  Buckle up!

Dex Bahr is the author of the book No Christian Man is an Island.  He is also a freelance writer and lecturer.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot.

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