Electric guitars and tough decisions

I write about music to offer a fleeting digression from the unhappy news of the day. You should interpret this blog post as well expressed opinion rather than absolute fact.  I recommend a tempo of adagio; you may go off the path for a moment if you like. An electric guitar, like a fine-looking woman, should have a neck that is proportionate and comfortable.  Guitars vary in the qualities and styles that catch an individual's attention and later devotion. In stating this I mean absolutely no slight upon the many marvelous instrumentalists who play, say, an oboe or a tambourine.  Deft description should run in an open pasture of personal application. For those who have not spent the last 60 years ruminating upon electric guitars, I will offer a short primer.  There are two basic models; everything else is of attractive hybrid.  There is the bolt-on neck and clean pickups of a Fender model or the glued-on neck and less...(Read Full Post)
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