COVID hysteria is harming children

Seeing more evidence daily that the lockdown was unnecessary and that the hysteria over COVID-19 was nothing more than a political attack against Trump, it is frustrating to watch the craziness continue.

Mary and I drove to Costco in Virginia to purchase their awesome crab meat.  As former Marylanders, Mary is an admitted crab cake snob and fanatic.  We have traveled America for over 10 years campaigning for conservative/Republican candidates.  Nowhere have we found a crab cake equal to a Maryland crab cake.

As we pulled into Costco's parking lot, I noticed that the Golden Corral Buffet across the street was closed, its parking lot empty.  It depressed me a bit.  I remember several family gatherings over the years at the all-you-can-eat buffet.  Forcing this business to remain closed is absolutely nuts and evil.

Several Virginia stores are relaxing the governor's mandate that all shoppers wear masks.  Upon entering Costco, a staffer at the entrance immediately offered us masks.  Mary will tolerate pretty much anything for a good crab cake.

Social distancing signs were everywhere, even on the floor.  In the men's room, new Plexiglas walls were installed among all the sinks and urinals.  There were Plexiglas walls separating checkout clerks from shoppers.  It all just seemed so crazy and over the top.

Most disturbing was seeing so many toddlers and younger faces covered with masks.  The CDC and pediatric experts say you shouldn't mask children two and under.  They say masks "may pose more harm than benefit in terms of safety for children under the age of two years old."

With fake news media and Democrats despicably continuing to flood the airwaves with the lie that COVID-19 equals the Black Death and anyone who catches it will die, it is understandable why parents mask their entire family.

The truth is, COVID-19 has very little impact on the young.  Ninety-eight percent of those who catch COVID-19 recover from it. 

In their all-consuming blind-rage quest to stop Trump's re-election in a few months, Democrats and fake news media are hell-bent on forcing a new national lockdown, kids, families, and businesses be damned.

Rush Limbaugh said masks are symbols of fear.  I agree with Rush.  This is why fake news media are desperately attempting to shame and intimidate Trump into wearing a mask.  They want people to conclude, "Oh, my gosh, if the president is wearing a mask, COVID must be really deadly!"

Our nation is under attack by an army of enraged indoctrinated youths, determined to destroy our way of life.  Rush advised President Trump to reassure Americans that he will preserve the American way of life.  I say, "Amen, brother!"

Mary's crab cakes were delicious, although she did go a bit heavy on the Old Bay Seasoning.  However, as a married man of over 40 years, I know that it is wise not to say that out loud.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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