COVID hysteria is harming children

Seeing more evidence daily that the lockdown was unnecessary and that the hysteria over COVID-19 was nothing more than a political attack against Trump, it is frustrating to watch the craziness continue. Mary and I drove to Costco in Virginia to purchase their awesome crab meat.  As former Marylanders, Mary is an admitted crab cake snob and fanatic.  We have traveled America for over 10 years campaigning for conservative/Republican candidates.  Nowhere have we found a crab cake equal to a Maryland crab cake. As we pulled into Costco's parking lot, I noticed that the Golden Corral Buffet across the street was closed, its parking lot empty.  It depressed me a bit.  I remember several family gatherings over the years at the all-you-can-eat buffet.  Forcing this business to remain closed is absolutely nuts and evil. Several Virginia stores are relaxing the governor's mandate that all shoppers wear...(Read Full Post)
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