Democrats, their abettors, and their unreal dystopia

No.  We are not a nation of “Karens.”  The vast majority of white women do not falsely accuse African-American men of harassment, or worse.  If they do, exposure is swift, and punishment swifter -- sometimes even if she's a Democrat. No.  A thousand times no, despite the hysteria, hype and false narrative, most American police officers do not murder or maim unarmed African-American people they arrest. Lamentably, these hateful memes, urban myths and revisionist historians are believed.  The death of George Floyd, from a Minnesotan policeman’s knee on the back of his neck while begging for a breath, should never, ever have occurred. It was brutal, bestial and committed with a depraved heart.  Derek Chauvin, the perp with a flawed history should not have remained on the force.  Why was he there?  Where was the oversight of the Democrat governor, mayor, and African-American Attorney General entrusted with that...(Read Full Post)
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