Defund the police?

Did you see the video of the white young woman screaming at a black police officer?   Yes, it was funny but a window into a coming clash between white liberals and the blacks who live in these neighborhoods burdened by crime. This is from Caleb Parke:    Ami Horowitz first went to the East Village in New York City, asking white liberals if they think it will help the black community. The responses showed apparent anger and hatred toward law enforcement. Then Miss Horowitz went to the black neighborhood and heard a different message:     However, when Horowitz traveled to Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem, he heard a different tune from black residents. Another woman said, "I have family members that are police. I respect the police. I would not want to see a lawless society." No kidding that no one wants a lawless society!   Especially blacks living in neighborhoods in Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. Add...(Read Full Post)
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