Newly released material in the Flynn case implicates Obama

A newly released document indicates that Obama pushed the FBI to go after Michael Flynn.  It's not yet clear, though, if this was part of a larger plot on Obama's part to destroy Trump's presidency or was merely part of Obama's vendetta against Flynn himself.  It appears, too, that while Biden probably wasn't part of masterminding the plot, he was in on it from the beginning. Obama and Flynn had a history, for the latter had once served as Obama's director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  In April 2014, the Obama administration forced Flynn to retire.  By February 2017, Adam Kredo reported that the break had come about because Flynn opposed Obama's disastrous Iran deal. In August 2016, the FBI opened its investigation into General Flynn to determine whether Flynn "may wittingly or unwittingly be involved in activity on behalf of the Russian Federation which may constitute a federal crime...(Read Full Post)
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