The Cuomo brothers, dumb and dumber

Americans who have remained engaged with the unfolding news about the COVID-19 pandemic surely know by now that New York is ground zero for the disease in the U.S.  Like SARS, the virus came from China and infected the citizens of that nation first.  In this case, China kept the contagious nature of this virus a secret from the rest of the world while the Chinese locked down Wuhan and banned flights to all other cities in China yet allowed many thousands of people from Wuhan to travel internationally for nearly two months before alerting the rest of the world to its danger.  It seems obvious that China had no intention of suffering the disease alone and purposefully sent it off to become a global pandemic.  As soon as President Trump learned that a single case had been identified in the U.S., he banned all flights from China.  For his trouble, Joe Biden and the rest of the left ranted and raved that he was racist and xenophobic.  At the same time, the end of January, he assembled the task force to gather the facts, develop the science, and advise him. 

While Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx are most likely well-meaning, they both bought into the now discredited model of the disease's likely progression created by Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in the U.K.  On the basis of that model, which even Ferguson now rejects, the vibrant American economy was shut down.  Still, Democrats in high offices across the country minimized the threat to Americans, as Kayleigh McEnany reminded the White House press corps on Tuesday.  In February, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was bragging about his city's accessibility to foreign visitors.  He called only for voluntary quarantines.  As late as the end of March, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio were still welcoming tourists from around the world and encouraging New Yorkers to "go about their lives" without fear of getting sick.  (In San Francisco, House speaker Nancy Pelosi was doing the same.)  Gov. Cuomo had by then already driven his state into billions of dollars in debt.  Still, Cuomo was touting his state's readiness: "This isn't our first rodeo.  We are fully coordinated, and we are fully mobilized, and we are fully prepared to deal the situation as it develops."  That was on March 2.  He did not order a lockdown until March 25.  Once Cuomo realized he was late to the crisis, he began complaining to Trump that he needed 40,000 ventilators, thousands of additional hospital beds, medical staff, and of course more money.

But New York's medical preparedness has long been problematic.  Doctors and nurses have been ringing the alarm bells for years about the shortage of doctors and nurses.  It was several year ago that Cuomo declined to purchase new ventilators and instead developed a scheme to ration the existing supply.  Young E.R. doctors are not interested in practicing in N.Y. because it is so woefully under-prepared for a normal course of treating the ill and injured.  No wonder that the governor began whining like a stuck pig once the full force of the virus's attack on his city became evident.  He began holding his televised press briefings; blaming the president for all his problems; and, despite his many failures, somehow convincing the left-media of his competence.  Trump sent him the Navy hospital ship and built two field hospitals in short order, each of which was barely needed.  Trump got him his 40,000 ventilators, which were not necessary.  The wholly ungrateful Cuomo takes and takes and publicly trashes the president.  The word "gratitude" is not in his vocabulary.  Now he is telling all the volunteer medical staff who went to N.Y. to help that they must pay New York income taxes for each day they worked in the city.  Good luck the next time his state needs help.  Cuomo is not a bright man.  In fact, he makes Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump seem like Mensa material. 

Worst of all was his executive order that COVID-19-positive patients be sent into nursing homes all over the state, leaving many dead, taking many of the employees in those places with them.  Thousands have died.  He defended this mandate, saying it was "not his job" to provide nursing homes with the items they needed to cope with the consequences of his order.  He is not only not bright, but an arrogant ass.  Forty-eight percent of all deaths have occurred in N.Y. and N.J.  Ten states now account for 70% of all cases, 77% of all deaths.  That anyone in the country thinks Cuomo is some kind of hero is a joke.  Of the fifty state governors, he has been the most disastrous, indirectly responsible for the most deaths in the U.S.  And now he is shocked that many of those who died were sheltering in place, locked in their homes. Being imprisoned at home is a sure way to reduce one's immunity to disease but to say that out loud, as many doctors have, can get you arrested.

And then there is his idiot brother, Chris of CNN. The brothers obviously believe that CNN's few viewers really care about their personal lives and sibling relationship. Chris, the dumber of the two, likes to run clips of himself working out and lifting weights in his office! He contracted the virus a few weeks ago and did his show from his basement but ignored the lockdown that his brother had ordered all New Yorkers to obey. When observed maskless and outside by a cyclist, he nearly incited a roid-rage incident. Rules and manners are for little people. CNN is a disgrace 24/7, its reporters the most unrepentant jerks at Trump's press briefings. There is not a single serious journalist among them. Like the rest of the left-media, the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, they exist for one reason, one reason only – to destroy Donald Trump. But even given this objective, Chris Cuomo is out of his league at CNN. He is like Lenny of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men; he may mean well but just can't get anything right. He is a stumble. For example, for the first hour of his program Thursday night, he failed to mention or address the DOJ's dismissal of all charges against Gen. Michael Flynn or the release of the transcripts Adam Schiff has held back for months that prove the entire Russia-collusion hoax was just that, a hoax that was and is the most treasonous political scandal in all of American history. Chris Cuomo is an on-camera news reader like William Hurt in Broadcast News. Chris has the job because he is the son and brother of two governors of NY. If not for his father and brother, he would not have a job in media anywhere. 

As the left-media does consistently, they elevate leftists, no matter how clueless (think AOC) and relentlessly attack all conservatives. Had Obama accomplished half of what Trump has in three years, they would have already put him on Mt. Rushmore but because it was Trump who brought the economy roaring back, he must be destroyed. That is how they roll. And now they admit they want to use this virus to push their socialist agenda and perhaps finally see the Cloward-Piven strategy fully implemented. They love the virus and the lockdown. They will drag it out for as long as possible, the more damage, the better. Blue state governors, petty tyrants that they are, are anxious to force an economic collapse proving once and for all that they do not care, have never cared about the American people. They think like Stalin; one lost job is a tragedy, millions of lost jobs are a statistic they can use. For the left, the American people are just political fodder for their to-do list. That is why Gov. Cuomo was caught so catastrophically unprepared for the fact that NY became ground zero for COVIS-19 and why he has the blood of thousands on his hands. He forgot to remember that individuals matter, especially to their families; even those in nursing homes whom he assumed were expendable. As for brother Chris, he is the Fredo of the family. We need to feel a bit sorry for him.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of shareable ABC News via YouTube screen shotUSA Today screen shot via YouTube; and Dumb and Dumber preview screen shot on YouTube.

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