Is this the real motive behind Obama's targeting Flynn?

As the Russia hoax unfolded, Trump-supporters knew that Trump and his team would be vindicated.  Vindication began in 2019, when Mueller was unable to tie Trump or his campaign to Russia.  Today, the trickle of stories about the Obama administration's illegal spying on and lying about Trump is becoming a flood. But with all of these stories coming down the pike, one question stands out above all the others: why wasn't General Flynn just one target among many people who were spied upon in case they could derail either Trump's campaign or his presidency?  The administration's excessive unmasking requests, the fact that the Kislyak phone call wasn't masked to begin with, and the vicious prosecution show that Flynn was special. The redoubtable Lee Smith thinks the answer lies in Obama's obsession with making the Iran deal his ultimate legacy: The answer is that Obama saw Flynn as a signal threat to his legacy,...(Read Full Post)
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