Horrific video of brutal attacks in a Michigan nursing home emerges

Video has emerged of a young man in Michigan, who has been identified on social media as Jadon Hayden, verbally and physically abusing senior citizens.  As a fair word of warning, should you choose to follow the links provided below, that you cannot unsee this terrible footage.

The attacker is a physically imposing man, to say the least.  In one video, he stands in the dark as an elderly woman sleeps and a television is heard in the background.  Videoing himself, he proceeds to punch the frail woman lying on the bed several times.  She does not even cry out, signifying either that such abuse is common for her or that she's incapable of doing so.  There is a twisted irony in the attacker beating this poor woman while incorrectly wearing the face mask that he, ostensibly, put on in order to protect her.

The video more commonly shared has been of the same attacker standing over a thin, elderly man lying face down on a bed.  He rains blows on the back of the man's head as the man slowly moves his hands to shield himself.  He then goes to move the old man off the bed and punches the man's face several times, which begins to bleed and swell.  The attacker then picks up the camera that he deliberately positioned to capture the assault and films the bleeding, tortured man on the ground.  Audibly winded, the attacker begins to narrate:

See the b-----ass nigga right here, get off my bed.  This b-----ass nigga right here.  Get off my bed, nigga.  F--- off my bed.

He then gently grabs the sheet and videos himself wiping the blood from the old man's face.

Adding to the horrific revelation that he videoed himself committing this violence is the fact that he appears to have set up two cameras (here is the second video) to record the event, as there are two separate vantage points recorded.  He even stops to look at both of his cameras.  (In this cut of the video, this happens at 0:19 and 0:21.)  He wanted to see himself torturing this poor man from different angles.

This is truly a disturbed and evil individual.  The Detroit Police Department has reported that the man responsible for the reported abuse has been arrested, and hopefully, justice will be delivered for these crimes.

These videos have gone viral and will be impossible for the media to ignore.  But I'll admit to being curious about the level of focus the story will be given in the mainstream media. 

On the one hand, it has all the elements of a sensational national news story.  A sadistic youth filmed himself torturing and beating elderly Americans in a nursing home.  As we are currently having an intense national debate about how to best protect seniors in nursing homes, the potential that this could be a wider problem couldn't be more relevant.

As to the motive, what drove this youth to such violence and sadism?  Was it out of boredom due to being caged in Michigan's notoriously draconian and continuing lockdown, without school or social activities?  

It could very well be that this is just a bored, twisted sadist who was preying on the weak, who happened to be old and white, but alternatively, could it be that he felt some sort of satisfaction in hurting the old white people he'd been conditioned to view as oppressors throughout his life, and this individual's actions are indicative of a broader patterns of anti-white violence among black youth culture?  It is a poorly kept, unspoken secret that a cultural staple among black youths is attacking older and unsuspecting white people for their own amusement, a societal disease of which the prevalent "knockout game" is perhaps the most prominent symptom.  Is this yet another example of that disease?

I'll be very interested to see just how passionately the media investigate and report on this story.  Because, as should be obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the news today, if the races were reversed in this scenario, and a young white man set up cameras to watch himself torture and beat old black people, the media would spare no money, time, or ink in discussing whether or not racism was a motivating factor in the crime.  But since neither boredom due to the Michigan lockdown nor anti-white racism among black youths advances the media's preferred narrative these days, I have a feeling this story won't be in the headlines for long.

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