In the NFL, cowardice drives grievance

The NFL recently announced several proposals to increase diversity. A few years ago, the NFL demonstrated its commitment to pleasing leftists by donating $100 million towards "social justice" causes. But the left is insatiable.  Shelling out truckloads of cash to grievance groups attracts more predatory behavior than Bill Clinton and Joe Biden at a high school cheer competition. There's an abundance of white people naïve enough to believe that appeasing Democrats will bring about a ceasefire — but it never does.  Cowardly compliance creates new targets for future shakedowns.  A recent example of NFL racism: only 29% of NFL analysts are black.  Notice the significant bait-and-switch in this complaint.  NFL analysts should not reflect the demographics of the black population (13%), but mimic the overrepresentation of minority NFL players.  Since 70% of NFL players are black, but only...(Read Full Post)
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