Open up and let us live and produce

We are gradually reopening in Texas.  It's a thoughtful, and so far effective, alternative to staying locked indoors.

We can do both.  We can go back to work with some restrictions and protect ourselves from a contagious virus.  We can do it, and it's time to do it.

According to Scott Rasmussen, the country wants to open:

Sixty percent of voters nationwide believe that all businesses — ALL businesses — should be allowed to re-open if they adopt appropriate social distancing protocols. 

Only 26 percent disagree. 

The reality, of course, is that means everyday Americans will decide what sort of social distancing is appropriate. 

They — not government officials — will make decisions about which businesses are safe enough to visit and which are not. 

I understand how that 61% feels.  I am not a pollster, but these numbers confirm what I am hearing.

Over the last two weeks, I've seen more cars on our highways.  Some restaurants are open, and people are eating.  Other places are still doing a lot of ordering business.  We are debating whether or not to return to school, and I hope they do.  We are doing more and more but maintaining a sensible respect for others, such as wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance at the local convenience store.

This lockdown must end, as David Marcus wrote.  He wants New York City looking like New York City again, not a ghost town suitable for that show about the world "after people."

Memo to some governors: The people are still here, and we are perfectly capable of protecting ourselves.  So open up and let us live and produce.

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