In the NFL, cowardice drives grievance

The NFL recently announced several proposals to increase diversity.

A few years ago, the NFL demonstrated its commitment to pleasing leftists by donating $100 million towards "social justice" causes.

But the left is insatiable.  Shelling out truckloads of cash to grievance groups attracts more predatory behavior than Bill Clinton and Joe Biden at a high school cheer competition.

There's an abundance of white people naïve enough to believe that appeasing Democrats will bring about a ceasefire — but it never does.  Cowardly compliance creates new targets for future shakedowns. 

A recent example of NFL racism: only 29% of NFL analysts are black

Notice the significant bait-and-switch in this complaint. 

NFL analysts should not reflect the demographics of the black population (13%), but mimic the overrepresentation of minority NFL players.  Since 70% of NFL players are black, but only 29% of analysts, this gap is proof of racism.

Attempting to fix this problem is a fool's errand.  If the NFL mandated that 70% of analysts must be black, activists would pivot to denouncing the NFL for lack of Muslim punters. 

For the grievance army, overwhelming the enemy with multiple attacks is a winning strategy.

A high volume of frivolous accusations makes the overarching claim appear more legitimate.

Therefore, the NFL is also racist for too few minority head coaches and general managers.  One solution proposed rewarding teams with higher draft picks for employing more coaches and managers of color.  Teams with the correct racial mix would jump ahead of competitors in the draft.  This proposal suggests that the solution to racism is discriminating against white people and patronizing black people by granting competitive advantages to their employers.

Another possible remedy is expanding the "Rooney Rule," passed in 2003 and requiring teams to interview at least one minority candidate for head coaching positions.  By expanding the rule, teams must interview at least two minority candidates.

No matter how much society has progressed, the left's inherent racism refuses to subside.  With exception to their affinity for baby murdering, the bigotry of low expectations towards black people is probably the most repulsive aspect of leftism.

The Rooney Rule presumes black candidates are incapable of elevating themselves without leftists' altruistic hands to hoist them up.

Black coaching candidates aren't as stupid as racist Democrats think they are.  Many resent the racist charade.  A former NFL coach told CBS about his reluctance to partake in the process, but activists pressure minority candidates to accept these interviews, "even if you felt like you are just being used."  

Like many government regulations or diversity initiatives, when the rule fails, the solution is "more."  Doubling down on ineffective rules or penalizing teams for improper demographics will not solve the NFL's racist problem.  Marxists are never satisfied.  

If the NFL had stood firm and unapologetically declared that professional football is concerned with only performance, it would still be racist but keep its respect.  The Washington Redskins still have fans, and they've been racist for a decade.

Instead, the NFL chose the gutless route.  Once industries cave to these activists, they will continue catering to them as their complaints grow.  Cowardice drives grievance.  

The NFL has infected itself with a poison for which there is no antidote but courage.

These days, few corporations have courage.  Businesses desperate to get in the good graces of leftism are far more likely to die by a thousand paper cuts than developing courage.

Bode Lang is a conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube.  You can find him at

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