Global warming: Still junk science after all these years

Climate alarmists insist that an increase of one degree in the average global temperatures is a signal that the end of civilization is near. Every day a new revelation: more fires in California, snow in Antarctica is turning green, salmon are dying in Alaska – all attributed to rising temperatures. The first question an inquiring mind would ask is, does the Earth maintain the same average temperature over millennia and how does it accomplish that task? The answer is that it doesn’t. Civilization began because of global warming. About 6,000 years ago, according to experts, hunter-gatherers were driven from the higher lands because rising temperatures brought drought, loss of plants and animals, and famine. They moved to river valleys in three or four places around the globe, most notably the Nile River. There they had water and the water also provided food. But planting by hand did not suffice. Someone devised the plow. It was the...(Read Full Post)
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