Hundreds of boats in Florida flotilla for Trump COVID reopening

If you've been feeling down because of the shutdown and the left-wing power-grabs ruining our lives using COVID-19 as the excuse, then these photos should leave you feeling happy, empowered, and hopeful.

On Saturday, May 23, hundreds of pro-Trump, pro-Reopen boats sailed from Naples, Fla. to Marco Island, Fla. in a true celebration of love — for each other, the country, the president, and freedom!  Democrats drunk with power might be trying to destroy the economy; control your lives; and keep a president, who is trying to help average Americans, from doing his job and getting re-elected.  But voices from Marin County to New Jersey to Naples, Fla. are rising up!

Talk about a shot of adrenalin in our COVID shutdown riddled veins!  Watch out, Biden, Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo and the whole lot of ya.  We are coming in 2020 by email, by foot, by car, by boat with eternal messages of freedom not fear and liberty, not lockdown!  Triumph with Trump!  Reopen our businesses, schools and houses of worship and restore our lives!

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