Frey fiddled as Minneapolis burned

Far-left Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told police (and firefighters) to stand down while rampaging groups of thugs looted, pillaged and burned down parts of his city yesterday. This is the same mayor who just days before had proclaimed that it would be a “public health disaster” if he were to allow in-person religious services. Much less dangerous to allow theft, destruction, and arson-- on a grand scale-- to continue unchallenged. To be fair, Mayor Frey was thinking of people’s safety. He was so concerned about the health of the rioters that he provided free facial masks to those without them and praised those already wearing them. (This may have been the first time in history that an official praised criminals for covering up their faces.) Proper etiquette and safety considerations are important when you are trying to destroy a neighborhood! Fortunately, the masks also help prevent one from inhaling the smoke and toxic fumes emanating from the various fires one...(Read Full Post)
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