The violence exploding across America reveals a previously invisible divide

George Floyd’s death has allowed the media, Black Lives Matter, and other leftists to trumpet their favorite issue -- racism. The American left, true to its Democrat heritage, is as obsessed with race as it was during all the years of slavery and Jim Crow.

Leftists continue to use racial politics as a way to control minorities (witness Joe Biden’s inadvertent Democrat-party honesty when he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”) and as a way to attack President Trump. That Trump was a darling of the black establishment in the 1990s and that, before the current virus madness, his policies were spectacularly good for minorities is irrelevant. Race is a cudgel and they’re going to beat him with it.

However, the focus on “systemic racism” hides a couple of things that are even deeper fissures in American society. Tucker Carlson points both out in a powerful monologue. First, he says, the real divide in America is between makers and takers. He describes America’s good citizens, the hard workers and law-abiding people of all races who keep this country functioning, and its bad citizens, the ones who see criminal anarchy as the answer. And then he gets to the second point, which is that we have a political class in America that is siding with the criminals:

On the subject of makers versus takers, and the irrelevance of race, this black business owner in Minneapolis in 2020 is suffering the same anguish as the black business owner from Los Angeles in 1992 whom Carlson highlighted:

Carlson is correct that every society will have its makers and takers. The horror in modern America is that the political class – at least, the Democrat political class – is now siding with the criminals and anarchists. The Democrats do so in part because they are also criminal (e.g., the Clintons, and every one of the Russia hoaxers) and in part because they draw their power from maintaining a perpetually inflamed underclass.

To that second point, the one about the Democrats power base, Democrat-run cities across America rely on policies that systematically foment class and racial divides. Rather than encouraging a solid middle class to stabilize their cities and create a financial base that benefits all citizens, they raise taxes on and over-regulate the producers, while encouraging lawlessness and welfare dependency amongst those they view as the easiest to control: The poor, the substance abusers, the criminals, and those minorities who buy into the canard that, in 21st century America, their race is still the only thing that matters.

In Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, explicitly sided with the rioters, showering them with sympathy and urging them to stay safe. This is just one example of what those “safe” rioters were doing:

In Democrat-run Atlanta, hard-left CNN suddenly discovered that you reap what you sow. After years of encouraging Trump hatred, racial obsessions, and sympathy for violence, it must have come as quite the surprise to CNN to discover that the rioters wanted its corporate blood:

There are riots in Democrat-run New York City:

There are riots in Democrat-run San Jose:

There are riots in Democrat-run Dallas:

There are riots in Democrat-run Houston:

There are riots in Democrat-run Washington, D.C. These riots actively threaten the president of the United States and that’s not surprising. The leftist establishment, from politicians to Hollywood stars to the media (including CNN), has told its foot soldiers for the last three years that Trump was not duly elected, that he’s a traitor, and that he’s a race hater, all of which makes him fair game:

In the war between people who have a stake in society and those who don’t, race is a tool the power brokers wield to weaken the stakeholders. It’s anarchy versus civilization, and our American political class, whether in the offices of tech titans, or in the halls of Congress, is supporting the anarchists. That should terrify those of us who believe in the rule of law and in the benefits of hard work and good citizenship. If we wish to end this situation without escalating violence, our only option is to turn out in record numbers in November.