Florida must help save America a fourth time

The consensus seems to be that President Trump must carry Florida once again to retain the White House.  If he does — fingers crossed — this will mark the fourth time in recent memory that Floridians have helped prevent a Democrat takeover of our country. But time is running short.  Here in Pinellas County, where I live, Democrats run a slick operation, as evidenced by their snazzy website.  On the other hand, Republicans meet — I kid you not — at a local country club. The third time Florida helped save America was in 2016 by electing Donald Trump and avoiding the unmitigated disaster known as Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton.  She would have locked up the entire country to deal with the Wuhan virus, for God knows how long. What were the other two times when Floridians were instrumental? The first time was in 2000, "the year of the hanging chad," when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore...(Read Full Post)
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