Flattening the curve and Vermont's economy

Courts in at least five states have now weighed in on the constitutionality of their respective efforts to impose restrictions on fundamental liberties because of the coronavirus.  In four out of five, the laws were struck down (though Oregon's Supreme Court is taking up an appeal of the recent decision there.)  In this legal atmosphere, Vermont's Senate is considering mandatory masks for all Green Mountain State denizens in retail settings. Vermont governor Phil Scott has been self-congratulatory of his patchwork of restrictive COVID-19 restrictions, recently praising Vermont's response as "the envy of the nation."  But Vermont's haphazard conglomeration of restrictions has been cobbled together piecemeal, appearing to have sidestepped even a cursory consideration of constitutionality. Vermont State House. The nation may not much envy Vermont's economy six months hence.  Most of...(Read Full Post)
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