Ben Rhodes melts down over Grenell's unmasking of Flynn's 'unmaskers'

Former White House spin doctor Ben Rhodes isn't taking acting director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell's unmasking of Gen. Michael Flynn's Obama administration unmaskers very well. Here's some of his wild flurry of tweets and retweets: The unconfirmed, acting DNI using his position to criminalize routine intelligence work to help re-elect the president and obscure Russian intervention in our democracy would normally be the scandal here... — Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 13, 2020 It's not a "theory" it's bullshit served up with the expectation that a bullied media will credulously spread disinformation to a mass audience. — Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 13, 2020 The people who "unmasked" Flynn are top national security aides. It's literally their job to understand intel to help make informed decisions. If the DNI is suggesting unmasking is wrong, why did the Trump admin unmask...(Read Full Post)
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