Crazy and Crazier: Joe Biden asks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to advise him on the environment

In a bid to reach out to disgruntled Bernie Sanders voters, embattled Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has appointed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to serve on his advisory panel to save the environment.

According to NBC News:

Progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will co-chair a panel advising Joe Biden on climate policy as the apparent Democratic nominee takes steps to unify the party, it was announced on Wednesday.

Biden said that Ocasio-Cortez is on one of the six policy panels in comments to Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS-TV on Tuesday, when the former vice president was asked what he was doing to bring supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders into the fold.

"We've made some changes, we've listened to the Bernie supporters and, you know, for example, we have congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, she is on one of the panels as well," Biden said. "And so I think we're going to have a very united party."

Which ought to prompt a few face plants among the Democratic operatives who know what it takes to win elections. AOC is a far-left socialist extremist, an ignoramus on anything to do with economics, and a pinhead on even green matters, assuming that killing the economy isn't her express intention. Taking any advice from her 'green new deal' -- a Martian-like concoction so bad it was pulled from the website on ridiculousness grounds (banning cows for their farts, for one) would be economic suicide. Because if socialism is any indicator, her plan won't save the environment, but should do a pretty good job of killing the economy. As Mike Huckabee noted on Fox News:

“I think it’s a natural move for [the Biden campaign] to try to reach out to the millennial vote [by hiring AOC] but, I mean, they also have to recognize that what they’ve embraced is not just a personality or a millennial, they’ve embraced a radical left-wing philosophy of the Green New Deal that would further destroy what is left of our economy after coronavirus,” Huckabee told "Outnumbered Overtime."

She gets to serve on the board with John Kerry, a lizard-like old swamp thing whose claim to fame is crafting the Paris climate accord. That'll be an anachronism.

More to the point to Democratic operatives, she's unpopular with voters nationally, particularly independents. For every Bernie-ite she might attract - and it won't be all of them - several independents are going to walk the other way -- joining that 10% to 15% of the Bernie camp that plans to vote for President Trump. AOC spends all of her time on Twitter and marveling at garbage disposals, ramping up her national profile, while neglecting her district, so she's even unpopular even on that front -- and mpw currently faces 13 primary challengers.

For Biden, it's suicide. Recall that the entire Democratic Party, nominally at least, came together on the eve of SuperTuesday, because Biden was viewed as Mister Moderate, the man best positioned to beat President Trump in the general. He was pushed to the front of the pack because campaign operatives could see that he was viewed as the most mainstream candidate in the race. All the others were crazy, none more so than the dreaded Bernie Sanders, a naked socialist. Pairing AOC with Handsy Biden sends a message to voters that not only is Biden senile, he's also no moderate. Mainstream moderation was his Trump card, and Biden just threw that away.  

After all, if you all you have is an environmental crazy leading your party to take on Donald Trump, why not go for the authentic deal, the real Bernie Sanders.

And she might even damage herself with this Biden association, given that Bernie-ites will view her as a sellout. She's already done considerable damage to herself for her failure to pay any attention to her district, and incredibly enough, couldn't gather 15 signatures to get herself onto the New York primary ballot as the Working Families Party candidate if another Democrat managed to knock her out in the primary, and there are several who are now trying to do so.

As for Joe, he looks just desperate, wiling to pitch his entire moderate reputation over the side in order to win over a few Bernie voters. Principles are not his strong point, he's just for sale to the highest bidder.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of public domain sources



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