Adam Schiff's pathological lying heart of darkness

Now that the wholly fabricated case against Gen. Michael Flynn has been dismissed and the 53 transcripts of 73 witnesses who were called to testify against President Trump on Russia collusion have been released, the scope of Adam Schiff's treachery is more clearly than ever blowing up in his face. He appears not to realize that fact just yet as he is tweeting and making public statements condemning Attorney General Bill Barr for the Flynn dismissal despite the volumes of proof that Flynn was set up and framed by the same crooks who set up and framed Donald Trump.  He is still claiming that the transcripts prove Trump's guilt when in fact they prove exactly the opposite.  He continues to attack Trump for addressing these revelations while COVID-19 is still ravaging the elderly in nursing homes, as if the two issues were related.  His tweet on Sunday: @Adam Schiff: Over 70,000 Americans dead. More than 20 million...(Read Full Post)
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