California assemblywoman demonstrates her class and economic literacy with 'F--- Elon Musk!'

Auto manufacturer Elon Musk has grown so frustrated with California's out-of-control regulatory regime, worsened exponentially by the state's restrictive coronavirus policy, which prohibits it from manufacturing at all, that he has vowed to take his company and leave the state.  Nevada, Texas, one of them — in short, he's voting with his feet in favor of a competitor.

Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, for one, on Twitter advised Musk to come on over, telling the entrepreneur he'll be welcomed with open arms in Cruz's own Lone Star state.

This is a normal response, given that states compete with one another, and every state worth its salt, as well as every third-world country, knows that potential investors are to be wooed in.

But over in California, far-left state assembly member Lorena Gonzalez didn't get the memo.

This is the epitome of articulation and class from the Stanford and Georgetown grad, as all of her biographies remind everyone.

She's since claimed she overdid it, but it's too little, too late.  As this Texas tweeter notes:

It signals significant economic illiteracy, given that her state is running a massive budget shortfall, a gargantuan welfare state, which includes services for millions of illegal immigrants and depends disproportionately on the state's billionaires to bankroll it.  She's already demonstrated her ignorance of economics through her signature legislation, A.B. 5, which put all independent contractors either at a disadvantage or out of business.  Now she's pouring it on — a level of pig stupidity that even the most shambling third-world regime knows to be foolhardy.  Fact is, the last ruler who talked like this, yelling at foreign investors to leave, was Hugo Chávez of Venezuela — which says something unpretty.

It's as if she doesn't need a good economy to keep it going, which, up until now, she certainly hasn't.

Musk tweeted to his 34 million followers that he wanted out, signaling a massive failure for the state.  Gonzalez verified for him that his move was utterly justified.  This creature is an embarrassment.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by Einstraus via WikipediaCC BY-SA 2.0 and PXHere public domain image.

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