Adam Schiff's pathological lying heart of darkness

Now that the wholly fabricated case against Gen. Michael Flynn has been dismissed and the 53 transcripts of 73 witnesses who were called to testify against President Trump on Russia collusion have been released, the scope of Adam Schiff's treachery is more clearly than ever blowing up in his face.

He appears not to realize that fact just yet as he is tweeting and making public statements condemning Attorney General Bill Barr for the Flynn dismissal despite the volumes of proof that Flynn was set up and framed by the same crooks who set up and framed Donald Trump.  He is still claiming that the transcripts prove Trump's guilt when in fact they prove exactly the opposite.  He continues to attack Trump for addressing these revelations while COVID-19 is still ravaging the elderly in nursing homes, as if the two issues were related.  His tweet on Sunday:

@Adam Schiff: Over 70,000 Americans dead. More than 20 million newly unemployed. No national testing and trace strategy. What was the President's message to the nation. That I am "dirty" and "going down." I have said he's unfit for office, and every day he proves me right."

Schiff is melting down, and it is a marvelous thing to see.  For more than three years, long before the hearings, he has pronounced day after day that he has seen absolute proof that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia to ensure his election victory.  Now that the transcripts of the hearings are out there for all to read, we all know that these hearings did not produce a single witness who had knowledge of any evidence that candidate or President Trump had colluded with Russia.  Not one.  Not James Clapper, not Susan Rice, not one of them who for three years have been accusing Trump of treason had a bit of evidence, heard or seen, that could bolster their talking points.  Some of them, like former Department of Defense official Evelyn Farkas and the vainglorious and pompous Col. Alexander Vindman, admitted they had lied, either on the networks or, in Vindman's case, about Trump's words during his phone conversation with Ukraine's President Volodomyr Zelensky.  Shouldn't he be charged with perjury?  He was under oath.  Now we all know that John Podesta admitted in those hearings that the DNC and the Clinton campaign had indeed paid for the phony Steele dossier!  And now we know that Obama was pulling the strings of all the moving parts.

We also know now that Schiff knew just days after the "Trump Tower meeting," which Donald, Jr. had attended, that Trump was thoroughly innocent; a translator testified that not a word about "dirt on Hillary" was mentioned.  Yet Schiff flogged that horse for years.  His contention that there was something sinister about that meeting on the Trump side of things, was just another big Schiff lie.  Not that he lacks many partners in the crime to destroy Donald Trump — Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe, et al.  But it is Schiff who has been the crazed, bug-eyed face of the Democrats' attempt at impeachment ever since.  Just as Mueller knew on day one of his appointment as special counsel that his job was to cover up the Crossfire Hurricane scheme to take Trump down well before the election, Schiff became the point man in the House to carry the water for the big dogs. He was their stooge, their dupe.

The Republicans had the majority in the House from 2016 to 2018, but House speaker Paul Ryan did absolutely nothing to expose the Democrats' deceit; he betrayed those of us who had supported him.  There were Republican members of the House in Schiff's subsequent secret hearings following the Russia ones that were just released — Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and John Ratcliffe being the superstars.  While Schiff was leaking nonstop lies about what he was "learning" from witnesses in all cases, the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, whether it was under Nunes or Schiff as controlling parties swapped power in 2019, kept silent.  They did call for him to resign but have otherwise kept their frustrations to themselves, bound by the House rules that Schiff freely abused.  Schiff spewed his lies night after night on CNN and MSNBC.  They knew that the opposite of what he was saying was true, so one has to admire their patience and confidence that the truth would eventually be revealed.  Schiff has steadfastly resisted releasing those transcripts on the Russia matter, which had been conducted from 2017–2018 under Nunes's leadership until the acting director of National Intelligence, Rick Grenell, forced his hand.  We have Grenell to thank for knowing the truth, or more of it anyway — that not one of those 73 witnesses could or would say he had any knowledge or evidence of any collusion with Russia by the president or his campaign. 

In January, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with Schiff, the other Democrats, and their acolytes among the media escalated their plan into a full-blown impeachment trial. They were trying to see Trump removed from office for a perfectly appropriate phone conversation with the newly elected president of Ukraine. Schiff orchestrated it with Pelosi's blessings. He got one of his own staff's best pals at CIA to be a faux "whistleblower," -- Eric Ciaramella. He got IG Michael Atkinson to alter the whistleblower form to allow for hearsay tattling. That month Frank Miele wrote a terrific column on Schiff's duplicity that is still today a must-read. He brilliantly exposes Schiff's arrant misuse of Alexander Hamilton quotes and his relentless habit of calling his own opinions facts. The impeachment was a colossal misadventure as deadly serious as was the coup attempt. The arrogance of this crowd will go down in history as the epoch when the corruption of the deep state was exposed for all to see and know.

To be sure, Schiff has friends in high places. His original run for Congress was underwritten by David Geffen, Michael Ovitz and the "gay mafia" at Dreamworks. He is aligned with George Soros and Soros's He has ties to Ukraine as well, in particular to Igor Pasternak under whose influence Schiff began lobbying for arms and money for Ukraine. In November 2019, Ukraine officials launched an investigation into a $7.4 billion money laundering scheme connected to the Democrat party, Franklin Templeton and BlackRock firms, both companies in which Schiff held shares. This information and much more is from a Medium column January 24, 2020The Power Brokers Behind Adam Schiff

Over these past few days Schiff has been on several pseudo-news programs claiming that thousands of deaths by COVID-19 occurred because President Trump was not impeached!  Such a claim is ridiculous on its face. This is a piteous man, a buffoon.  He is without a doubt a pathological liar.  So far gone is he, he is unable to realize that he’s been caught out, the depth of his unethical scheming has been exposed.  For his many, many crimes against this country he should be expelled from Congress but as we see from the democrats’ support for Joe Biden, a man also tainted by decades of corruption and lying, that is not likely to happen.  The Democrats are known first and foremost for their double standards, their hypocrisy.   What the coup cabal and the subterfuge of Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff have done to the Trump candidacy and presidency is the stuff of third world tyrannies.  In a perfect world, the lot of them would be sent to prison for the rest of their lives. 

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by Cliff, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0, and public domain source.