UN shocked, shocked that Iran would execute a 17-year-old

Taking a break from blaming Little Satan (Israel) and Big Satan (USA) from all the world's problems, now the Wuhan, China coronavirus pandemic, the U.N. did something shocking.  Yes, just when you thought you couldn't be shocked by the U.N.'s incompetent, bizarre behavior, the U.N. fools you and shocks once again.  What did it do that was so shocking?  The U.N. was shocked, shocked, shocked to learn: UN experts 'shocked' as Iran executes young offender GENEVA, Switzerland — United Nations rights experts accused Iran of violating international law on Tuesday for executing a prisoner who was just 17 years old when he committed a crime. Shayan Saeedpour, alleged to have committed murder in August 2015, was hanged on Tuesday, United Nations special rapporteurs Javaid Rehman and Agnes Callamard in a statement. (snip) "We are shocked that the Iranian authorities have once again defied their...(Read Full Post)
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