President Trump is right to stop immigration temporarily

Not surprisingly, President Trump paused immigration to the U.S.  It is actually a pause, not a permanent decision.

Nevertheless, the widely expected Democrat response came swiftly: "Trump Slammed For 'Xenonophic Scapegoating' After Proposing U.S. Immigration Ban."

And I'm sure there are other headlines out there.

President Trump's decision is not totally about Mexico, but the situation south of the border is uncertain, to say the least.

Our family friend Therese Margolis is the editor of Pulse News Mexico, a digital newspaper.  This is a post from yesterday:

As of Saturday, April 18, more than 100 people had died from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours in Mexico, bringing the country's death toll to 650, Public Health Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell said.

With 622 new confirmed cases, the number of the total infected in the country had risen to nearly 7,500 on Saturday, Lopez-Gatell said, although many medical experts are warning that the incidence of the disease is grossly unreported in Mexico.

To better contain the spread of the disease, on Thursday, April 16, the Mexican government announced an extension of a nationwide lockdown until May 30.

Again, read the line "grossly unreported."

My personal and business contacts are saying the same thing.  In other words, they don't feel that we actually know the extent of the virus in Mexico.

A friend told me this on the phone a few hours ago: "¿Somos Italia o Dakota del Norte?"  He is saying, "Are we Italy or North Dakota"?

So President Trump's instincts are right as they were when he banned flights from China in January.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi should call for an emergency vote and stop President Trump.  My good guess is that she won't, because a lot of Democrats understand the insanity of open borders in the middle of a pandemic.

Where is former V.P. Biden?  I have not heard.

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