The money is on Trump

On Tuesday morning, the Real Clear Politics average had former V.P. Biden up by 6.3 against President Trump.  At the same time, the "betting odds," or the people who bet their money, have the president up by 5.5. What does it all mean? First, polls are snapshots, as they say.  Also, polls are all about samples. Second, "betting odds" are people who actually put their money down.  It's not an emotional snapshot, but rather a more logical decision based on the future. My bet is that President Trump will be re-elected. By Labor Day, voters will look at what he did to fight this virus.  They will reward him for his administrative skills and how he reacted to the situation. As for the Democrats, they need something more than saying that President Trump was "unprepared."  They will need a coherent candidate or anyone who can unite the party. By the fall campaign, the range...(Read Full Post)
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