Democrats respond with hypocrisy to the Biden sexual assault allegation

There's increasing corroboration that, as far back as 1993, Tara Reade was telling people that Joe Biden had sexually assaulted her.  This does not prove her allegations, but it establishes that Reade didn't make up a story recently for political or monetary gain.  She's been telling the same story, with consistent facts, for a long time.  Very reluctantly, the Democrat establishment is being forced to acknowledge what Reade says.

It was different when Christine Blasey Ford emerged with a story that changed every time it was told, about events that even her friends and alleged witnesses denied, and that Blasey Ford first mentioned twenty years after it allegedly happened.  Then, the Democrat establishment instantly believed her — and repeated every unsavory (and, inevitably, untrue) rumor about Kavanaugh, even as he made his life an open book to demonstrate his innocence.

Ironically, unlike Kavanaugh, with his sterling reputation, everyone has always known about Biden's peccadilloes.  In 2015, Jon Stewart joked about Biden feeling up women:

Lawyer and academic Jonathan Turley, a Democrat, is offended by the Democrats' dodging and weaving.  His starting point is the laughable Washington Post report about Reade's new witnesses.  Instead of stating, "Two women corroborate Reade's story about Biden's sexual assault," the WaPo ran with "Developments in allegations against Biden amplify efforts to question his behavior."  Says Turley:

There has been an almost universal spin in the media to portray the Biden allegation as a political story of how Republicans are seeking to use the story against him.  There is a true element to that story. However, the disconnect with the Kavanaugh coverage is quite extraordinary.  There was little equivocation in either the headlines or the stories.

Turley resurrects the pro–Blasey Ford statements from Democrat politicians such as Sen. Mazie (men should "shut up") Hirono, Sen. Richard ("I believe Dr. Ford") Blumenthal, Sen. Chuck ("I believe her") Schumer, and Sen. Kirsten ("I believe her") Gillibrand.  The fact that their support for women runs only to women accusing Republicans, and that their belief in "innocent until proven guilty" runs only to Democrats, offends Turley.  "The spin is staggering and the silence is deafening."

Surprisingly, Peter Beinart, a hard-left journalist, has called upon the University of Delaware to release Biden's papers.  The university was supposed to have released the papers in January 2019 but held off, almost certainly planning for Biden to run for president, thereby ensuring that any secrets could remain locked in the vault.  Beinart seems vaguely hopeful that the papers will mention nothing about Reade, which would strengthen Biden's position.

Meanwhile, Biden took cover behind Hillary Clinton when he had her as his guest on a women's issues town hall.  The laughter that Hillary Clinton, who savaged wronged women to protect her predator husband, would be Biden's human shield could be heard all over America:

Biden himself didn't seem too enthused about Hillary, either.  At one point, the man whom Trump has labeled "sleepy Joe," seemed to fall asleep while Hillary droned on:

Eventually, Biden perked up enough to make the bizarre promise to Americans that he cares about "economic intercourse":

For ambitious Democrat women Biden's contemptible behavior is irrelevant.  Stacey Abrams, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and all the other faux feminist harridans are lined up, desperate to be on the ticket with him, knowing they're virtually assured of becoming president before his first term expires.

It remains to be seen whether the mainstream media can keep enough of America fooled to hide his sexual misbehavior.  That way, they might be able to propel Biden and some woman — any woman — into the White House.  Given the power the media still have over public discourse, the best that can be hoped for is that principled Democrats, while they won't be able to make themselves vote for Trump, won't be able to make themselves vote for Biden, either.

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