Stop the 'anecdotal' nonsense

"Anecdotal" has suddenly transmogrified into a magic word with power to shut down any further inquiry, discussion, or debate of hydroxychloroquine's (HYQ) application as a Wuhan virus antidote.  This one simple word has reached ultimate status in the world of TDS-sufferers everywhere as the definitive slayer of arguments for the drug's use to impede the deadly path of the virus. This sad fact is representative of a pernicious chasm in our society.  The deeply felt antipathy and revulsion of anything Trump by TDS-sufferers are so intense, raw, and vituperative that the one, and so far, only readily available treatment modality demonstrating high efficacy in stopping COVID-19 — when used in combination with zinc sulfate and azithromycin and administered early in the progression of the disease — is being withheld from widespread implementation as the ubiquitous solution to save lives and help end the plague. The president's...(Read Full Post)
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