Baseball in 2020

Back in 1981, the players went on strike in mid-June and we did not play ball again until early August.  It was not a perfect arrangement but the season was split into first and second half plus the post-season turned out be super exciting.    

The coronavirus has put baseball on hold.   

There is a suggestion that baseball should play games in Arizona and show the games on TV.  

How do you do that?  Do you keep players and families separated?  Do they play ball and then stay six feet from each other at the hotel?  What happens to reporters covering the games?  

My suggestion is to wait until July 4th and shoot for a season opener in early August sort of like the second half of 1981. Play the schedule as of that point and add a few more postseason games.  If necessary, play the World Series in a neutral site to avoid weather problems in the North.

If we can't play ball in early August then we have a lot bigger problems than the 2020 season.

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