Joe Biden welcomes endorsement from terror-linked organization

As if there weren't already enough reasons to disqualify Joe Biden from ever again stepping foot in the Oval Office, according to a report in the Middle East Forum's latest 'Insider Blog' 

Biden has received, and gladly accepted, the endorsement from Emgage PAC, the nation’s largest Muslim political action committee.

Said Biden in regardto this apparently coveted endorsement, 

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of Emgage PAC. From small business owners creating jobs to health care professionals on the front lines fighting COVID-19, Muslim-Americans contribute every day to the fabric and success of our nation. As president, I will stand up for Muslim communities across the country, immediately repeal Donald Trump's Muslim ban, and embrace diversity as a core strength of our nation, not demonize it.”

However, this endorsement comes with a whole boatload of baggage one might expect from an organization that buddies up to the likes of Al Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. And equally as troubling, along with its fellow US-based Islamic lobby, CAIR, that has gained acceptance in far too many political circles, Emgage is actually a well-disguised fundamentalist organization whose leaders believe that political life should be guided by theocratic (i.e. Sharia,) rather than democratic, principles. What say you, Joe?

Again, from the Middle East Forum

"Emgage USA possesses its own worrisome connections to terrorism. Its co-founder, attorney Khurrum Wahid, was placed on a terrorism watchlist in 2011, and he has represented terror suspects tied to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Debbie Almontaser, the head of Emgage's New York chapter, was fired as the principal of a publicly-funded high school in 2007 after she promoted a t-shirt bearing the phrase "Intifada NYC" – an apparent reference to violence against Jews in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Despite these irrefutable ties to terrorism and extremism, CAIR and Emgage have convinced some lawmakers that they are benign civil rights and political advocacy organizations providing a service to Muslim Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it is up to you to educate your representatives and insist that consulting with extremists is unacceptable."

Although the Biden camp will most assuredly see this endorsement as a huge plus for his campaign, here's hoping the Trump people will get ahold of this information and use it to further expose and discredit Sleepy Joe as nothing but a tool of the radical left and wake everyone up to the very real threat of these jihadists getting another shot at the White House.