Joe Biden hints that he’ll sign onto Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy

In August 2008, Democrat candidate Barack Obama added Joe Biden to the ticket as his Vice President. Everyone understood that Biden was there to offset the vacuum that was Obama on foreign policy. That’s why it’s surprising that Biden is signaling that he intends to add Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy advisors to his team. One wouldn't think he'd be looking for help.

Back in 2008, Joe Biden was running the risk of becoming a real-life Pat Paulsen, the comic who began running for president in 1968 and continued to run, billing himself as the “Perennial Presidential Candidate” for the next 28 years. Biden's two runs were both pathetic. His first run in 1988 ended memorably after a plagiarism scandal forced him out. His second run 20 years later went down in flames the moment he said of Barack Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy—I mean, that's a storybook, man.” He trundled along for a few more months after that, but his primary turnout was so dismal he quit.

Despite the condescending, old-fashioned racism in Biden’s remark about Obama, Obama eventually selected Biden as his running mate. Most people assumed that Obama was making sure that his Vice President would not overshadow him, and he certainly achieved that with Biden.

However, from a Democrat point of view, Biden did bring something substantive to the ticket, which was his vaunted foreign policy experience. The New York Times explained,

Senator Barack Obama introduced Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. as his running mate on Saturday at a boisterous rally in Springfield, Ill., a choice that strengthens the Democratic ticket’s credentials on foreign policy and provides Mr. Obama a combative partner as he heads into the fight with Senator John McCain.

In Mr. Biden, Mr. Obama selected a six-term senator from Delaware best known for his expertise on foreign affairs — Mr. Biden spent last weekend in Georgia as that nation engaged in a tense confrontation with Russia.

Biden’s foreign policy chops look a bit different 12 years later. Robert Gates, who was Obama’s defense secretary, spoke scathingly of Biden’s alleged expertise: “I think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Moreover, ever since the Democrats pushed the Ukraine hoax, everyone in America learned that much of Biden’s foreign policy was dedicated to enriching his family through corrupt deals with foreign governments. Additionally, the left has never forgiven Biden for his original support for the Iraq War.

Perhaps it’s this tarnish that explains why Biden’s campaign announced that it asked Bernie Sanders’s campaign to send its foreign policy advisors over to help Biden out:

Three sources, including two people who advised the Sanders campaign on foreign policy, confirmed that an open invitation has been sent out to Sanders foreign policy advisors who want to work with the Biden campaign.

It is understood that the invitation was made at the request of the Biden campaign, and that no such invitation had been made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign after defeating Sanders in the 2016 primary.

It’s also possible that Biden understands that he cannot win without the Bernie Bros coalition, and if this means embracing Bernie’s foreign policies, so be it. After all, Bernie’s policies are pretty much the same as those Obama promoted; it’s just that Obama dressed them up in language that he hoped would make them more palatable to Americans. By now, though, the Democrat party has moved so far left that its members will be more enthusiastic about Bernie’s policies than about Joe’s effort to stay within the traditional framework.

According to the New York Times, Bernie says that

  • America should not do anything, including providing non-military support, to save the Venezuelan people from Maduro’s deadly socialism.
  • America should re-enter the Iran Deal with no new preconditions.
  • America should not have killed Qassem Soleimani because taking out the man who had masterminded attacks killing thousands of American troops nevertheless did not “make Americans safer.”
  • America should work with Europe when it comes to Iran, which is a funny thing to say because Europe has no intention of ever taming Iran.
  • America should not sanction North Korea based upon its nuclear ambitions.
  • America will provide aid to Israel only if Israel ends its “occupation.” This means returning Israel to the unsustainable pre-1967 border and giving Palestinian the descendants of Palestinians who fled Israel the “right of return.” These are the preconditions for a new genocide.

You can see the rest of Bernie’s foreign policy stances here. For the most part, because they reflect the Democrat party’s leftward push, it makes sense for Biden to embrace them. Nevertheless, for a man who was once the Democrat party’s foreign policy maven, having to beg Bernie’s team for help looks terrible.