Democrats and their precious scientific models

Three Sundays ago, some clown was given a conference op and claimed “experts” told him that upwards of 220 million Americans would die of this Chinese thing.

Liberals love such predictions.  Death, cement milkshakes, soft martial law -- these are a few of their favorite things. 

If the world were utterly perfect we would still have to listen to progressive’s cheap, shoddy, and predetermined scientific models.  The fix is always in and the founding principle of a progressive worldview is seeing everyone else as a glass more than half full of stupid.

Theirs is an egocentric assessment and so must be proven with gadgets such as “scientific” computer models.  When the models prove grossly out of proportion they reach into a closet and pull out another hockey stick harlot of dire prediction. 

The media, which have been on a three-year bender of outrage soaked in self-aggrandizement, can’t even ask a straight question of President Trump.  Every ink-stained idiot wastes their first five minutes of televised briefing time with an accusatory preamble and then finishes with something like “So, are you willing to admit that you are an authoritarian brat?”

Meanwhile politicians run around like Chicken Little with her head cut off.  This makes clear the fact that they are brainless.  Strange diktats enter the unoccupied spaces of their craniums, a virtual world unto itself, and suddenly Americans can go to Walmart but can’t buy seed, as if the Lawn and Garden section is unexplainably loaded with murderous microbes not available at the meat counter.

The way I see it is simple; upon a “scientifically" modeled pretense Americans were asked to stay at home while trillions upon billions of dollars were sucked out of their pockets.  Unlike the financial rape of 2008 we were offered a bribe of twelve hundred or so to keep our mouths shut and take another horrible beating.

We put on a mask and complied.

And I can’t help thinking that crows like Gretchen Whitmer and Nancy Pelosi don’t want us congregating in groups exceeding three because we might put two and two and together.

Bill Veeck, as in wreck, said that Americans possessed a huge capacity to gull and be gulled.  These days midgets with orders not to swing are the only ones allowed to step up to the plate and speak. They dominate every news cycle and every press briefing.  They wear thousand-dollar suits ornamented with scarves that the Washington Post calls “reassuring.”

“Reassuring” scarves. 

I don’t think anyone in charge knows what they are doing.  From press to politician to immunologist they bask in the attention like a six-year-old blowing out candles on his birthday.

But they are all dressed, reassuringly, to the nines.  Scientific models personified.

There was a time when Americans would not have stood for it.