Is Virginia's governor engaging in voter suppression of Republicans?

We thought it couldn't get much worse here in Virginia after Democrat Governor Ralph "Blackface"  Northam issued Executive Order 53 almost two weeks ago, closing all non-essential businesses for 30 days and K–12 schools for the remainder of the year, due to COVID-19.  Then, this past Monday, Northam went off the deep end, extending the order to the day after the June 9 Republican primary.  As a political stooge on a tight leash, Northam using a pandemic to interfere with the opposition party's primary election is not only possible, but business as usual. One of these is Governor Northam. On Tuesday, the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia challenged Northam to explain what's behind his decision to set June 10 as the expiration date for his statewide stay-at-home order.  While other states with higher infection rates have set shorter deadlines more in line with...(Read Full Post)
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