The greatest worry of most journalists and other Democrats is not the virus, it is that Trump might win re-election

The media worry a lot about President Trump being successful in saving lives and rejuvenating the economy.  One would think they would cheer for that result, but they are not.  They have great consternation that Trump might win this fall.

They've tried to take Trump down for over three years with lies about Russian collusion.  They tried to take him down based on a phone call when Ukraine got the aid Congress voted for.  They have continually tried to block his policies with leftist judges.  They have endlessly predicted and hoped for a recession. 

Then they had hope that the virus and recession would take him out, but now they are worried that won't work, either.  They have even trotted out old reliable congenital liar Adam Schiff, who wants another investigation.  Maybe he could start with Trump's early ban on travel from China and Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and others calling that ban racist, xenophobic, and an overreaction, while Schiff and others were embarrassing themselves in the impeachment trial.

A significant number of media outlets are showing how little they care about the First Amendment and freedom of speech.  They are censoring Trump's press briefings so they can spin what he says.  They are afraid the public might appreciate all that he is doing.

Presidential briefing, 04/02/20, via YouTube screen grab.

Of course, Obama/Biden used the IRS to obstruct the free speech of ordinary Americans who happened to dislike Obama's policies.  Most journalists didn't care about that, either. 

Maybe Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi could actually do their jobs instead of trying to destroy a president they don't like and investigate all the fraud, perjury, and criminal activity at the Justice Department and intelligence agencies when they sought to take out Trump and as they have destroyed the lives of many Americans they targeted. 

Politico Worries that Coronavirus Could Help Re-elect Trump

Politico is channeling a big fear of liberals concerning the coronavirus outbreak. Is this a fear that the deadly virus could spread exponentially? Perhaps. However, what really disturbs them is the possibility that President Donald Trump will get credit for keeping the number of cases relatively low which would make his reelection more likely.

Political correspondent David Siders somehow assumes that recently the Democrats had an effective plan to "take down Trump." The headline is "How coronavirus blew up the plan to take down Trump." 

They have never really cared about the people, especially blacks and other minorities they pretend to care about, and they show that every day with the policies they seek.

They have always been the greedy party, caring only about more power and money for themselves and government bureaucrats in the very wealthy D.C. area.

Their two main policies are aborting as many babies as fast as they can and permanently destroying thousands of industries and tens of millions of jobs by outlawing the consumption of oil.

Now they pretend they care about all lives.  What about fully developed babies?  Why should anyone trust people who would let a child die without health care being in charge of health care for all of us?

They also want to destroy millions of jobs by having a high national minimum wage and nationalized health care.

I would challenge anyone to name one Democrat policy that focuses on giving people throughout the private sector more economic opportunities versus making more people dependent on government and making people working for government wealthier and more powerful.

Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others are getting their wish.  There are fewer millionaires and billionaires.  Has that helped the poor and middle class?

Thank God we have a president who wants to put people back to work.

The media and other Democrats have lied about Trump being a dictator and fascist to intentionally mislead the public ever since he was elected.  Now they are complaining that he won't demand that 100% of governors shut down their economies, no matter how few cases they have.

Food for thought: In the last couple of months, around 400,000 Americans have died from all causes, with around 1% dying from the virus.