Democrats are worried about black voters in November

On Saturday, the AP published an article describing Democrat worries about the Trump campaign team’s black outreach efforts. Democrats see that Trump is a Republican like no other, including his challenge to the Democrats’ decades’ long hold on black voters. Democrats like to hide the fact that it was once Republican party that had the lock on black voters. The Republicans had earned that relationship. The Republican party was formed in 1854 as an abolitionist party, and it was the Republican party, under Abraham Lincoln’s leadership, that spearheaded a vast civil war to end that immoral practice. What finally pried blacks away from the Republican party was government money. The first round of government checks came under Franklin Roosevelt. The second round came through Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. That second round not only cemented blacks’ allegiance to the Democrat party, it also destroyed much of the black community. Before the...(Read Full Post)
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