Fanatic named Osama arrested, finally denied bail after second anti-Christian hate crime – trying to burn down a church with people inside

Osama E. El Hannouny makes no secret of his hatred for Christians and Christianity. Last November, he was charged with 14 misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property and possession of cannabis after slashing the tires of cars parked at a Baptist church in Palos Hills, a suburb of Chicago where he lives. At the time, he told police that he did it because he doesn’t like Christians.  Month later, a grand jury indicted him on 14 additional counts of felony hate crimes, taking into consideration his openly expressed animus toward Christianity.

Nonetheless, he was released from custody without paying any bail, on a so-called “I Bond,” where he would be liable for $10,000 if he failed to show up in court for his next scheduled appearance, free to roam the streets full of a hatred so intense he had no reticence in expressing it to police after being arrested.


Mug shot via The Patch

Is anyone really surprised that Mr. El Hannouny acted out his hate again? This time, attempting to burn down an occupied house of worship of the faith he despises. Frank Vaisvilas reports in the Chicago Tribune:

Osama E. El Hannouny, 25, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly using leaves to set fires at the base of the parish center of Sacred Heart Church, 8245 W. 111th St., Palos Hills police said.

El Hannouny was seen on surveillance video looking through the doors of the building, observing it was occupied, and returning several times with leaves that he placed near a gas main and air conditioning unit, which he set on fire, police said.

El Hannouny was apprehended by police as he fled the scene and bit, scratched, spit on and threatened officers while he was being processed, police said.

He was charged with five felony counts of arson, hate crime, criminal damage to property and violating bond and five counts of battery to police officers.

When jailed without bond this time, he “used his clothing to carve ‘Kill Christian now’ on the wall of his cell, police said.”

There is no indication in any media accounts that I have been able to find if El Hannouny immigrated to this country or if he was born here, nor of any source for his hatred for one religion. Gee, it’s a mystery.

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