Death by cabin fever

If we learn nothing else from the coronavirus hibernation strategy, we have confirmed the fact that if no one leaves his house, in the short term, fewer people die.  As any agoraphobic can tell you, danger lurks outside your personal four walls.  If you just stay at home, you reduce risk: Now after deaths for the entire month of March are reported (by the CDC), the results show that deaths in the US this March are 15% less than the average of the past four years! Not just deaths from the coronavirus or the flu — death itself was reduced 15% by shutting in.  At this rate, the Grim Reaper is going to need his sackcloth taken in. Meanwhile back at the briefing room, Science-Pope Tony Fauci pontificates about the success of the "mitigation" strategy.  Indeed, Americans have found that hunkering down reduces deaths from car...(Read Full Post)
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