Snitching reporter from NYT sees bid to censor Cedars-Sinai for COVID-19 light research blow up in her face

Trump derangement syndrome makes some "journalists," usually Buzzfeed alumni, do disgusting things.

For some, it brings out their inner scolds and snitches and comrade censors. And it most certainly doesn't go over well for them on places like Twitter.

So here's the doings of the New York Times' Davey Alba, the former Buzzfeed hack, same as Ali Watkins, turned "technology and disinformation" reporter who proudly announced that she'd "reported" medical researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, one of the most prestigious medical institutions on the planet, to the YouTube site police, for their YouTube video showing how they had conducted UV light research as a means of killing off viruses within the body, something that had been brought up by President Trump a few days ago. 



Seems she means she spreads disinformation, rather than reports disinformation when she calls herself the Times' tech and disinformation reporter.

Worse still, instead of report, for the press, that the researchers said that among their findings, the viruses killed include the novel coronavirus, along with a host of other plagues, her idea of 'reporting' was of the Stasi kind. If she were interested in the real kind, she'd have learned that he medical institution's research has been going on for years, well before President Trump brought up the possibility that maybe light treatments could be researched as a means of killing the disease. It turns out that was already being done and Trump was late to the party. She could have gotcha'd that, but she really felt more comfortable trying to play censor.

Her Twitter site, if you can stand to look at it, is absolutely loaded with instances of her "reporting" things to authorities, often one thing after another, and then announcing it afterward. Apparently, it's what makes her feel important.

Trump said it, so the years of advanced research simply had to be reported to the authorities and shut down to protect the public. YouTube's Katzenjammer Kidz of course went along with the ignorant, Trump-deranged Times-snitch's recommendations, and Cedars-Sinai has presumably been taught a lesson about trying to conduct life-saving research that President Trump talks of approvingly.

It's disgusting. This woman is clearly more concerned that any good news about President Trump's statement tnot be held up as a crackpot to told people to drink bleach or something.

It's a very poor reflection on the Times and the media in general. Fortunately, it blew up in her face on Twitter, where she was subject to a full-blown 'ratio-ing,' meaning, the negative reaction and negative comments. vastly outnumbered the positive re-tweets. At last count, she had 1,500 comments, virtually all of them negtive, and a mere 170 likes and 142 roundtrip tweets, That's an embarrassment. That's a shame letter by Twitter standards.

The Twitterati left more than a thousand negative retweet remarks. Here's a sample,











Any questions as to why the public doesn't trust the press?

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