The bitter tears of the Warren-supporters

Would you like a laugh?  Read "The Rage and Sorrow of the Warren Supporter" by Lizzie Widdicombe in the March 7 New Yorker.  The article is a look inside the headquarters of "Brooklyn for Warren," where the walls give voice to a list of thoughtful community guidelines — "Use gender-neutral collective nouns... Listen more than you speak... Be generous with each other... No trashing other candidates or their supporters!"  The last rule is broken by the seventh paragraph, when Liat Olenick blats, "And after four years of movement-building led almost entirely by women, we're faced with two almost eighty-year-old white men as supposedly the future of this country."  Pardon me, ladies, but your ageism and racism are showing.  "Brooklyn for Warren" sounds like a coven — a coven with old white men fattened for the oven. We have arrived at an island of the absurd, on which...(Read Full Post)
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